How new drivers can lower the cost of auto insurance

While auto insurance prices continue to rise, there is one group most directly affected by the increases in premiums: new drivers, especially those aged 17-22 years. They are considered high-risk drivers due to their inexperience and tendency for reckless driving. They are therefore less likely to be covered by insurance companies and the policies they offer are often too expensive.

Teenagers and young adults face a problem because insurers are reluctant to cover new drivers. There are still affordable insurance options available for teenagers and new drivers.

How to obtain affordable new driver insurance

Take a look around

Insurance companies may be more willing to cover new drivers than other carriers, so it is worth getting quotes from multiple companies. The Internet makes it much easier to find insurance. You can compare prices and request multiple quotes from different vendors using one search.

To add new drivers to an existing policy

Parents used to include their teenagers under their insurance policy in the past to avoid paying exorbitant premiums for new drivers. The rates of a policy that covers a young driver will increase if they are added to the insurance policy. It is often cheaper to add young drivers to an existing policy rather than to exclude them. Keep in mind, however, that an insurer can cancel a policy if they discover that the young driver is the principal driver. This is known as “fronting”.

Find discounts

Insurance can be cut by using safe driver or good student discounts. If you’re looking for insurance, make sure to inquire about these discounts. Ask the insurer if they have recommended driving schools before enrolling in these courses. These discounts are also available if you maintain a clean driving record between renewals.

Choose a vehicle with low risk

Certain vehicles are more costly to insure than others. A Camry, for example, would cost less to insure than a Corvette. Pick a car that appeals to insurance companies if you’re buying one. Avoid making any major modifications to a vehicle you already own. You should not modify an older car for its aesthetics. Instead, focus on safety features.

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