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The Worst Goal You Can Make: A Lesson From a Professional Investor

Stephanie and I were having the time of our lives. We were young, recently dating and had similar interests. She and I went into business together and quickly became what others saw as “successful real estate investors.” Other investors in our community looked up to us because we were buying a lot of houses. This was fun and was a nice little ego boost. We were all over the investor community.


What Can Debt Collectors Really Touch and Take? Part II: Military Exemptions

Many things wait for military members at home including debts that were not paid prior to entering the military. As a military member, you do have some rights in regards to debts that you should know about. If collectors are calling you non-stop since you returned from duty, here’s what you can do about it.

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What Can Debt Collectors Touch and Take? Part III: Retirement Funds

If you are living on your retirement funds, there is a good chance that you are also living on a very fixed income. What can you do when a debt collector tells you that they will be tapping into that income in order to repay a debt? Here is what you need to know about debt collection and how it affects your retirement dollars.

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Want to Be Debt Free? Here’s What You Should Do

If you are struggling to manage your finances and maintain a proper standard of living, it means that your financial handling skills are amateurish to say the least. But in this day and age, keeping your finances secured is very important. Having a cavalier attitude about it will not serve you or your family any good in the future. We all work to earn a living and have a certain standard of living that we all desire. But in addition to this, are certain responsibilities which everyone is entitled to fulfill. Responsibilities such as the financial security of your family are imperative.

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Bad Debt Expense – What Happens When a Company Gets Shortchanged?

Bad debt expenses can actually be considered a really bad debt obligation. The cost of a bad debt expense regularly alludes to the misfortune that an organization encounters in the light of the fact that it has sold merchandise or it has given benefits and did not require a quick accruing of capital in the form of income from sales. The misfortune that the organization first encounters with a bad debt expense occurs when a client doesn’t pay the sums of money owed. At the end of the day, terrible fiscal obligations or bad expense cost is identified with an organization’s present resource debt claims.


Stake Your Own Claim On Personal Debt

Recently, I saw a chart listing debt as good, bad, and neutral. Since everyone has to make choices on personal debt, I wanted to explore it a bit further.

Did you know that in 1970 our national debt was under $0.5 trillion dollars and in 2013 it was $17 trillion dollars. From 2007 – 2012 national debt increased $5.4 trillion. In 1990 each person’s share of national debt was about $13,000 and in 2009 it was $40,000.