How to Get Your Teen Started With Credit Cards

Recently, college students were offered credit cards on campus and thus often get into debt before actually earning an income. Although, now there is a Card Act of 2009 that no longer allows credit card issuers to advertise or promote their products and services on campus. More »

Tips On How To Have Your Bank Loan Approved

There are many reasons why people want to take out a bank loan. For one, they may need some money to do some repairs in their home or have their car fixed. A bank loan can also help greatly in paying off some unpaid student loan. More »

Are You a Heart Patient? Do You Have a Health Insurance Plan?

While there’s no dearth of diseases in India, there are some diseases that are growing at an alarming rate. The biggest killer in India though, strikes you right at the heart. More »

Consolidating Your Debt Is the Best Solution to Your Debt Problem

Are your debts getting out of control? Are you unable to manage your multiple debts? If your debt is giving you sleepless nights, it is important to seek help quickly. More »

Finding the Best Investment Opportunities Now

I once read that NOW is always the toughest time to find the best investment opportunities, and that sometimes it is anything but easy to make money investing. More »

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Importance of Credit Rating for Getting Loans

SME loans are the funding of small and medium sized enterprises. Since these small businesses augment the economic growth of the country, banks usually finance these companies or firms through various ways. There are ways in which banks lend money to these firms. The first is financial statement lending, in which banks give loans on the basis of the financial statements provided by the borrowing firm;

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How to Get Short Term Loan With Bad Credit Rating

Got a bad credit rep? Fear not! Payday loans got you covered. Payday loans are a perfect way of getting short term loan if you’re amidst a financial crisis. As the name suggests, payday loans are extremely short term loans that tide you through the remainder of the month if you suddenly get broke. You need to repay the loan on your next when you get your next pay cheque.

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The Credit Building Benefits of Online Short Term Loans

Nobody feels that running out of money is a good thing, but regardless of what we feel, that happens to everyone. When you work 40 hours a week just to keep yourself and your family comfortable, the pain of running out of money for even the most basic things like paying rent or utility bills, is even more painful.

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Home Loan Balance Transfer – When & How

The rising real estate prices have made it quite difficult for an individual to own a home.  The financial aid provided by banks in form of loans has become immensely popular due to flexible repayments and lower rate of interests.

However, before you apply for a basic home loan you should place a basic budget and calculate your own contribution, before deciding how much you want to borrow. EMIs of your loan will be an added expenditure which you have to incur, so planning it carefully will help in lessen the burden.

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How To Get An Understanding Of Best Home Loan Program For Your Dream House!

First time home buyers loans can make home possession more available. Be that as it may, there are many aspects of these financial products that you should consider carefully before availing for them. First time home buyer projects accompany limitations and strings appended that may be deal breakers. While they are an impeccable fit for some, they are the wrong decision for others.

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The Essential Point Checklist to Prepare for Your Loan Application Interview

Be it a job interview or a loan application one, the experience of putting your first impression as bang-on one is an opportunity nobody would afford to miss. Anyhow, you just have to create a distinct edge.

Reaching out this artefact makes it pretty obvious that you are going to appear for a loan application interview. We know that getting your loan application rejected for no other reason than just having an unsuccessful interview is very disappointing.

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Key Points to Consider Before Deciding on a Loan against Property

Banks offer various kinds of loan – home loans, car loans, personal loans and loan against property. A loan against property is a loan given by the lender i.e. the bank against a property that is being mortgaged by the borrower. The loan amount is 40% – 60% of the market value of the property that is being mortgaged by the borrower.

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What are the key advantages offered by SME Loans

SME loans are loans to small medium enterprises that are a slightly smaller than big corporate companies. These firms boost the economy of the country and are major revenue bringers. They also create huge demand for jobs and their existence is beneficial to a majority of people. That is one of the main reasons why banks offer attractive loan schemes because they make a lot of profit.

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Business Loans – The Advantages and Disadvantages

It is a common occurrence for small firms or big corporate companies to require financial assistance either for expansion or because they have incurred a huge loss. In such cases, companies take loans from banks; these loans are called business loans which have separate terms and condition. The firm is obligated to repay the loan plus interest as per these terms and conditions.

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Why to choose Bank Islam personal loan?

Monetary needs is a constant factor in an otherwise unpredictable life. Be it to meet short term goals such as purchasing a car or long term goals of saving for a child’s education or marriage, there will always be a need for money. Loans offer a convenient way to realise these requirements. There are many requirements a loan must meet before an applicant acquires it.